Assist wheel is the pop up button available on all screens and will help you to navigate to contacts, notes, voice records from any screens. Assist wheel designed such a way it won't consume much space, On tapping it once, wheel will expand and show you the shortcuts. You can enable or disable assist wheel from app settings

Assist wheel

Easy access to contacts


If you are in middle of a call and need to add new contact, Just tap Assist wheel and it will navigate you directly to the contacts list and you can add contact in few seconds time. Contacts from various emails can be synced with MyAssistApp, so you won’t miss any contact in contact list when you needed. We also provide free cloud storage/back up of contacts.


you can record call In the moddile of a call with ease, just tap assist wheel go to call record. Also you can record real life voices. We do provide online backup for your selected files.

Quick call recording

Quick Notes


Quick notes in MyAssistApp helps you to make a quick note, even in middle of a call or while attending a conference, you can type or free hard drawing option also available.


MyAssistApp provides you quick scan feature, either QR code or business card, or even a document. Files can be saved locally or in cloud storage.

Scan Your Code



MyAssistapp provides quick reminder set up, With couple of clicks on assist wheel, You will be able to create a remainder,